The President and Chief Executive Officer of Aramco, Eng. Amin bin Hassan Al-Nasser, urged individuals involved in energy matters in Asia to effectively communicate their preferences and requirements. This would ensure that their viewpoints are more clearly represented in global conversations regarding energy transitions, contributing to a more balanced and comprehensive global perspective.

During his address at the Asia Energy Conference, Al-Nasser encouraged Asian nations to adopt an approach that accurately reflects their priorities in the field of energy. He emphasized Aramco’s aspiration to help reconcile the increasing energy demand with sustainable solutions.

Addressing the opportunities for Asia to enhance its clarity on the energy transition, Al-Nasser stated, “I hold the belief that the vital social and economic region’s interests are not adequately mirrored in the global energy transition process, nor in the existing transformation policies. While these policies strive to achieve environmental sustainability, it is crucial to acknowledge the significance and priority of other issues impacting individuals, societies, and the economy, such as energy security and the affordability of energy supply.”

Continuing his remarks, Al-Nasser regarded this as a significant opportunity for Asia to assert its transformational priorities more emphatically and distinctly. He emphasized the need for Asia’s transformative voice to align with its substantial economic influence and global standing.

With regard to Aramco’s strategy in Asia, Al-Nasser expressed their commitment to intensify efforts in meeting the escalating energy demand in the region. This includes catering to the requirements of chemicals, advanced materials, lubricants, and low-carbon new energy supported by advanced technologies. Al-Nasser referred to these needs as a “universal source” for Asia, which aims to strike a balance between energy security and affordable supply, while giving paramount consideration to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, Al-Nasser added, “If we can leverage our collective strength to influence a fresh and sensible approach to the energy transition, one that is balanced and aligned with Asia’s priorities, we can realize the energy future that its economies and people truly deserve.”

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